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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

HiOS 2.0 Software Review On TECNO Camon CX

Good day guest and ardent readers, I am back again with another informative piece for TECNO fans, I wrote about the gyroscope sensor feature on the tecno camon cx and how to use it and today I will be writing a review on the HiOS 2.0 feature on camon CX for TECNO fans.

As majority of us already know, the TECNO HiOS is the new customized OS (Operating System) which runs on all TECNO flagship and Lite device released in 2016 and the first TECNO smartphone to feature the HiOS was the TECNO boom J8.
hios 2.0 review

But today we will be taking a look at the HiOS 2.0 which is an upgrade to the HiOS 1.0, the HiOS 1.0 have been totally revamped and I love what the tecno team have done with it, if you take a look at the UI (User Interface) and display you will notice how fluid they are, and wonder how they moved from what we have below to what we have now
tecno camon cx hios 2.0 review

The caption above contains the UI of tecno boom j8, tecno camon c9 and tecno camon cx, as you can see the UI has really improved and there is still room for more improvement.

Next on the list is the incoming calls
Apart from the ability to receive calls while reading a PDF (Portable Document File) or chatting on Whatsapp without the call displaying on the whole screen, with the HiOS 2.0 you also get to see the name of the country your call is coming from, be it from Nigeria, south Africa e.t.c

hios 2.0 review on tecno camon cx

hios 2.0 software review

As you can see in the caption above, unlike HiOS 1.0 where by the call only displays mobile number along with “incoming call”, HiOS 2.0 displays the country the call comes from and if it is from same country, it also displays the state in that country, though for now the state displayed is not accurate but the country is.

Next on the list is the Improved Power Saving Management

Unlike the power management on HiOS 1.0, the power management on HiOS 2.0 has really improved, with this you can be sure of getting more time off your battery, it makes my 3200mAH on my Camon CX last longer than usual thanks to the UI which makes it so smooth and effective, I was once a fan of custom launchers, modules and icon packs, but the HiOS 2.0 has now become my only choice.

To T-Fans who use the TECNO flagship device and feel very left out cause they are stuck in HiOS 1.0, TECNO mobile already announced on their very forum that Android 7.0 nougat upgrade will be made available soon on their flagship devices and not only that, the upgrade will be coming with HiOS 2.0 and HiOS 2.2

Another Important feature of HiOS 2.0 is Auto-Start Management

This is another wonderful feature of the hi manager, the need for this feature is to start apps that are essential to the system, without the UI and its launchers, you won’t get access to the auto-start apps and when such occurs the devices get so strained as so many applications you don’t need also start running, that’s why the freeze feature will always prompt you to freeze apps you don’t use, this feature can’t be found in any other device except on TECNO smartphone and they really outdid themselves with the HiOS UI.

Unlike Infinix user interface (UI) called the “XUI” the HiOS is just so ideal, taking the “HI” for instance as a welcome note and the HiOS 2.0 offers you more awesome features, thanks to team TECNO for this wonderful improvement on hiOS 2.0; the elegance, the speed, the feel, spam blocking feature without the use of third party apps and power manager.

I can go on about the improved and awesome features on HiOS, I am a lover and also a TECNO fan and I love what the TECNO team are doing.. I will leave room for more users to also share their experience with HiOS 2.0 so I can also learn too.

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