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Monday, 26 June 2017

How To Fix Screen Overlay Issues On All TECNO Smartphomes

Screen overlay issue is now becoming a serious problem for smartphone users, the screen overlay issue did not just start in recent phones neither does it occur on a particular brand of phone, but the problem occurs on all brands of smartphone and today I will be sharing a brief tutorial on how to fix screen overlay problems permanently, though before now I have been getting calls and mails from TECNO users on how to turn off/fix screen overlay issues on their TECNO devices.

Users of Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Xiaomi, Ulefone and other top brands also experience screen overlay issue but with this simple tutorial we are going to be permanently rid of such problems, but before we begin I would like to explain what screen overlay issue is, not every reader/follower of my blog is tech savvy. And just so you know, this tutorial will work on all devices.

Easiest way to fix screen overlay issue.

What is screen overlay?

A screen overlay is a part of an application that can display over the top of other applications. The most well-known example is chat heads in Facebook Messenger. But applications need your permission to use screen overlays, and sometimes this can cause problems.

How to fix screen overlay problems on tecno devices

-Before we begin, I implore you all to download and install "button unlocker" from Google PlayStore.

-after installation, launch the app, it will prompt you to allow permission, (you can do this by going to settings and clicking apps, select gmail and under permission, give all necessary permission).

-Once you have carried out the process above, that's the end of screen overlay problems on your smartphone.

If you do have any question/feedback, do use the comment box below and I will be with you shortly.

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