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Sunday, 9 July 2017

How To Fix Hotspot Issues On TECNO and Infinix Devices

Good day guests and ardent users alike, I trust you all are having a nice day coupled with the continuous rainfall, anyways today I will be addressing an issue, this complaints have been flooding TECNO spot for a while, today I will be sharing a tutorial on how to fix hotspot, wifi and bluetooth issue on tecno and infinix devices. so observe closely.

Most tecno and infinix have been making complaints about their hotspot turning of by it self whenever they put it on and I also have a caption below of a brother whom have made same complaints to me.

just so you know this software related issue is not peculiar to TECNO devices alone, even Infinix users are affected by it. Most times this hotspot, WiFi and bluetooth issues are caused by third party applications installed or updated on our devices like; babel font


-Go to your phone settings navigate your way to "Apps" and click on it.

-Now tap on the three dots on the screen beside the settings symbol and a pop up will appear like the one in the caption below as you can see there are two options being displayed there.

-so just tap on "reset app preferences". once done, reboot your device and turn on your hotspot.

Should in-case the problem does persists; go to "Settings" locate and Click on "Apps" show system apps and reset "OOBE" if that does not work locate "Babel Font" and uninstall updates made on it.. but I am certain one of them will work most especially the first step, it worked for me and other users I have tried it on.

 Don't forget to share your feedback here also ask questions too and I will be here to help out, thanks for using TECNO Mobile

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Thanks man u re d boss.. .it woorked

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Thanks for this. The first solution works. It has saved me the hassle of having to do a hard reset. Thank you.

Thanks admin coz I also experience similar issues , nice info would spread the news.
Commenting from TipsRush

Wow, it works perfectly. I just disabled babel font.

I was relieved by this...
Thanks for helping.

I tried the first step yet it is not working, I couldn't try the second step because I was unable to reset the "OOBE". kindly help me out.

Thanks for the info, i really appreciate

Commenting from Primebaze

Thank you. God bless you

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